Below is a Personal Goal Setting book that will support you in setting goals in all the major areas of your life. It will also support you in creating a Life Vision and Mission. You can choose to set goals in selected areas of your life or in all the areas noted in the book. Each life area has a section listed below.

We have also included a printable version of the whole book towards the bottom of this page.


1. Creating Your Life Vision
2. Identifying Your Values in Action
3. Creating Your Life Mission
4. What is Personal Goal Setting?
5. Career/Business Goals
6. Financial Goals
7. Relationships
8. Traditions
9. Lifestyle
10. Home Purchase, Maintenance, and Repair
11. Health
12. Safety/Risk Management
13. Personal Growth/Education
14. Spiritual Growth
15. Gratification/Purpose/Meaning (Hobbies & Volunteer Work)
16. Pleasure/Leisure/Joy
17. Vacation
18. Passing on Your Personal Legacy
19. Prioritizing Your Goals
20. Next Steps


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