“Carole creates a safe place for her clients to talk about their most challenging issues and deepest thoughts.  Her passions include helping clients navigate the challenges of physical limitations and illnesses. Her deep intuition is also invaluable in helping her clients heal.”Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach

Carole L. Billingham holds the distinction of being a Master Certified Coach (MCC) (top 3% of Coaches) and she specializes in Career and Life Coaching. Carole recently completed her M.A. in Applied Psychology.

Carole is passionate about helping her clients slow down, re-focus, and consciously create a life that revolves around what they value most. In doing so, they reclaim the joy, vitality, and well-being, that she believes is their natural state.

Carole loves to work with leaders and executives to help them be encouraging and inspiring, and she believes that part of becoming an authentic leader requires learning to live a happy, balanced, and healthy life.

Through her business and coaching experience, Carole has found that leaders who are happy and healthy are more effective and productive in the long run.

A graduate of Coach U, and a charter member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Carole has been coaching successful clients worldwide since 1996. She also holds an undergraduate degree and experience in Hotel and Restaurant management.

Prior to becoming a Coach, Carole was a Financial Advisor and Stock Broker, and Sales and Marketing professional (in the Food Services and Hospitality Industries).

Having survived a major car accident over 20 years ago, Carole brings the insights of her experience to helping executives and professionals navigate big transitions and challenges (e.g., health crises, managing chronic pain, divorce, death of a loved one, adoption, and substance abuse recovery), while continuing to thrive in their careers at the same time. Carole has also recently obtained a certificate in Hospice Care.

“Carole is fantastic and very upbeat all of the time and I appreciate her so much!” –  CFO, Financial Industry