Hi, I’m Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach (MCC). I lead a team of highly skilled & intuitive Life Coaches.

All of our “Donna Schilder Life Coaches” are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) & trained in the Donna Schilder approach to Life Coaching.

Staying on your life path is tough. There are forces & people constantly vying for your time, energy, & attention.

Your Donna Schilder Life Coach will help you stay focused on your priorities, set & commit to your goals, and take the steps needed to design & live the life you want to live.

We are based in Long Beach, CA, & serve Newport Beach, Irvine, & the U.S.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected?

Are you so busy you can’t feel joy anymore?

A Donna Schilder Life Coach Can Help!

4 Ways Life Coaching Will Help You:

  1.  Create clarity about what you want in life.
  2.  Identify the steps needed to live the life you want to live.
  3.  Overcome barriers to achieving your goals.
  4.  Be more grateful for what you already have.
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A Favorite Life Coaching Client of Ours Said:

“Coaching has helped me connect to my strengths and abilities, build my confidence, and see what steps I needed to take to change my situation. I have steadily changed and grown, and continuously taken steps toward building my ideal life and work due to Life Coaching.” –K.B., Trainer

Knowing What You Want in Life Is the Key!

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl documented what he learned while studying people in WWII Concentration Camps (while he was interred in a Camp himself): people who had a clear picture of what they wanted in the future, survived longer than those that didn’t.

When we focus on achieving meaningful goals, we are at our most alive. And a byproduct of our effort is that we make decisions that support our long term well-being.

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul has said:

“As humans, we tend to do only some of what we are required to do but virtually all of what we want to do. A personal coach can help you discover what you truly want to do — and can help you determine the steps and take the actions necessary to get there.”

Positive Psychology Principles We Use in Life Coaching

Your “Donna Schilder Life Coaches” will base much of their approach to Coaching on the field of Positive Psychology and Martin Seligman’s book: Authentic Happiness. Areas you may address include:
  1. Increasing your gratitude, which increases happiness
  1. Utilizing your values in your work and avocations so that you feel more fulfilled
  1. Balancing your pleasure and purpose to create greater happiness

Why Meet Regularly With Your Life Coach

Life Coaching (Personal Coaching) gives you a place to stop and examine your life. And because Coaching is an ongoing process, it allows you to implement and reinforce small changes that build upon each other to create exponential growth.

Meeting regularly with your Coach over months and even years, keeps your focus on making the changes necessary to achieve your dreams.

Topics You May Want to Work on With Your Life Coach:

  • Designing the Life You Want to Live
  • Building Your Confidence
  • Increasing Healthy Habits
  • Improving Time Management
  • Learning to Say “No”
  • Creating Boundaries with Family and Friends
  • Addressing Conflict
  • Becoming More Assertive
  • Becoming More Organized
  • Eliminating Distractions
  • Creating Work/Life Balance
  • Setting Goals
  • Overcoming Your Fears
  • Avoiding Procrastination
  • Increasing Your Joy
  • Increasing Your Personal Integrity
  • Exploring Your Career Options

Engage a Donna Schilder Life Coach to Be Your Best Self

Bob Nardelli, President & CEO of Home Depot has said:

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

You may wonder, can I afford coaching? The question really is: Can you afford not to live the life you want to live?

Invest In Yourself!

As my Dad always said, “the best dollars you can spend are dollars spent on developing you!  That’s an investment that will pay dividends your whole life!”

Do You Want to Live an Extraordinary Life?

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Donna Schilder, MCC

Donna Schilder, MCC

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