Jeannie Phillips, Ph.D., PMP, ACC, is a Leadership, Business & Executive Coach, who specializes in working with technical leaders and technical business owners to help them be more strategic, influential, and efficient.
Jeannie’s passion as a coach is to help her clients uncover the real issues that are holding them back, and create their own sustainable solutions.  She also loves helping technical leaders and business owners learn to exercise greater influence to improve technical outcomes, improve products and processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
Jeannie is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a graduate of Coach U, and holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.
She has 15+ years of technical experience leading projects and functions, executing business strategy, and developing people in industries such as agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare.
She has also led teams and projects in Product Development, Sustainability, Process Improvement, Mature Worker Engagement, Learning & Development, and Diversity & Inclusion.
A former R&D Manager (with 40+ technical employees) in a Fortune 500 company, Jeannie has a professional background in leading cross-functional and Leadership Teams through Strategic Planning, Multi-Generation Plan Development, Metric Development, Business Plan Development, and Improvement Plan Implementation.
In addition to Coaching individuals and groups, Jeannie has developed and delivered training for leaders on topics such as: “Leading with Influence”, “Effectively Leadership Communication”, “Managing Change”, “Coaching Skills for Leaders”, “Time Management”, and “Stress Management for Leaders”.
She uses her expertise from her professional and leadership job experience, technical education, technical certifications, training presentations, and coach training and certification to coach leaders to make meaningful personal and professional change that is measurable, sustainable, and impacts the bottom line.
Jeannie also holds certifications in the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® of Evaluation, LEAN / Six Sigma (Black Belt), as well as a certificate in Learning Transfer. 
Jeannie is also skilled in helping clients apply the knowledge they gain through the DiSC Assessment, Strengths Finder, Core Values Index, Learning Styles Inventory, and 360 Degree Assessments. She was also one of the first coaches to be certified in the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®), which measures a leader’s potential to influence others.
In addition to being a Coach, Jeannie volunteers her time as a women’s coach for the Change Coaching Community™ (W4C3), a non-profit organization focused on making coaching accessible to all women.
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“Jeannie has a very unique ability to listen, ask the right questions, understand the core of the problem/issue that I face, and help me to naturally come up with the decision that is right for me. I appreciate the fact that Jeannie never tells me things what I want to hear, but challenges me to listen to my heart and realistically assess how my abilities/skills match my career aspirations. I highly recommend Jeannie to everybody who needs a coach with a genuine interest in helping people’s development.” – Jafar, Scientist, Indianapolis, Indiana
“Jeannie establishes a nurturing environment enabling people to recognize and work on improving behaviors, changing mindset and accelerating towards their professional and personal goals. Thank you, Jeannie, for helping me to realize my true potential.” – Maria, Product Stewardship Specialist, Indianapolis, Indiana
“Jeannie has been my coach for over 3 years. Over that time, our coaching focused on effective communication, (team) change management, personal role change management, and stress management. The main reasons I started working with Jeannie were her broad experience of working with corporate and her genuine care about my personal development.
She held many different roles when she worked in corporate and her extensive experience covers people leadership, project management, strategy development, etc. Because of her experience, she could quickly understand the situations I described and guide me to find the root cause and pick the starting point to take action.
Working with Jeannie enabled me to continuously develop myself and cultivate new behaviors as well as smoothly transition into new roles. It was particularly valuable for me to have her as a coach when I moved to a remote location for a job opportunity.”  Ning, R&D Leader, Hawaii
“Working in a large industry organization, I know how critical it is to effectively inform, influence and inspire others. Thus my coaching goal was to build up my capabilities to effectively influence others at different levels in the organization. Through her excellent probing and listening skills and strong emotional intelligence, Jeannie helped me to identify and leverage my personal strengths as well as address blind spots, particularly around communication. I highly recommend Jeannie to coach on effective communication and influence based on my experience with her.” – Yi, R&D Scientist, Indiana
“I asked Jeannie to coach me to become a more effective coach myself. I am in Indonesia and she is in the US, so we never met in person. We experienced all the “struggles” in understanding each other’s’ different languages, cultures, backgrounds and dealt with different time zones but we worked it out which made her one of the best coaches I ever had. Her strength was encouraging me to discover my own answers through insights. Her skill in listening to understand and sharing her knowledge, experiences, and thoughts without any hesitation, nothing to hide, created a safe environment.
She demonstrated patience in helping me discover and understand deeper my most important insight that “It’s not about me, it’s all about them” as it related to coaching sessions I conduct with my coachees. She provided me with many resources including her colleagues/networks if I needed some further explanation that she thought would help me find answers.” – Avi, Market Sell Leader, Indonesia