1. Below are School Psychologist Manager Interview Questions that you can practice with.
    1. How will you help with the morale of our psychologists?
    2. What makes you the person for the job?
    3. Why do you want this job?
    4. Why do you want to leave your current post?
    5. What are your leadership qualifications?
    6. What in your career has helped get you ready for this job?
    7. What do crucial conversations look like to you?
    8. What can you do to help us keep staff from quitting this challenging profession?
    9. What kind of vision might you bring to this role?
    10. How do you see yourself fitting into our team?
    11. How will you help if there is a hostile parent situation?
    12. How will you handle gossip in the ranks?
    13. Tell us about how you’ve handled a mistake in the past.
    14. How have you, in the past, convinced someone to do work they were resistant to doing?
    15. Tell us about a process you’ve improved. What was the impact?
    16. Tell us about a time when you had to give “difficult to hear” feedback to a teacher, intern or psychologist. How did you deliver that feedback?  What was the outcome?
    17. What support do you believe the psychologists need and how would you provide it?
    18. How would you find substitute psychologists?
    19. What training do you believe apprentice psychologists need that we don’t currently offer?
    20. Tell us about a training program you’ve delivered to school psychologists. What was the impact?
    21. How would you assess the mentoring needs of a new or apprentice psychologist? How would you meet those needs?
    22. What do you think is the most important data to monitor in this position? How would you use this data to improve the services we offer?
    23. How would you help an underperforming psychologist? How have you helped an underperforming psychologist or intern in the past?
    24. How have you diffused conflict between a teacher and a parent in the past? What was the outcome?
    25. How have you diffused conflict between a child and a teacher in the past?
    26. How have you diffused conflict between two colleagues in the past? What was the outcome?
  1. What’s the best advice you can give a new school psychologist?
  2. How would you get the psychologists on board with an unpopular decision?
  3. How would you handle a discipline issue with a psychologist? Ethical Breach, underperformance, inappropriate handling of a child or parent or a conflict with a teacher.

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