Lifestyle Goals – Example

Buy a house with a yard.

Have groceries delivered.
Hire a housecleaner.

Live somewhere conducive to exercise.

Move toward the ocean.

Create a nice yard.
Hire a gardener to do all yard work.

Don’t do any work-related tasks during the weekends. 

Work 40 hours a week.

Work 35 hours a week.

Lifestyle/Life Structure

Home Location (specify year if the goal will change later):


Environment:  ___Beach  ___City ___Mountains ___Lake ___River ___Park  ___Densely populated  ___Spacious

Climate: ___Hot ___Seasons ___Snows ___Rains

Near amenities: ___Gym ___Stores ___Restaurants ___Park___ Freeway

Neighbors:  ___________Ethnicity(s) ___Blue collar ___White collar

_____Age ___Singles living  ___Children ___Senior living

Privacy from: ___Neighbors ___Clients ___Students ___Patients

Housing Type:  ___Apartment ___Condo ___Town Home___House

___Yard ___Patio ___Balcony ___No Yard


Location of Work

     Within ____ minutes from home

      Near amenities ___Gym ___Stores ___Restaurants ___Park


No. of work hours ___________



Hours Spent   Frequency        Delegated To      Dollars Spent


Cooking         _________       _________        _________             _________

Cleaning       _________       _________        _________             _________

Gardening     _________       _________        _________             _________

Lawn              _________       _________        _________             _________

Laundry         _________       _________        _________             _________

Ironing           _________       _________        _________             _________

Errands          _________       _________        _________             _________

Paying bills   _________       _________        _________             _________

Organization  _________      _________        _________             _________



Weekend Structure: 

 Friday  Saturday  Sunday


Evenings Structure:

 Arrive Home  
 Hour 1  
 Hour 2   
 Hour 3   
 Hour 4   
 Hour 5   


Day Structure:


Lifestyle Goals  



Wheel of Life 

Is your life balanced the way you would like it to be?  Is the way you are spending your time in alignment with your values and priorities?  You can use this wheel to evaluate how you are spending your time and to determine if want to make any shifts.


Wheel of Life Example


This wheel represents all the waking time you have available.  Select the activities you currently balance in your life.  Draw the sections (pie wedges) on the wheel and assign percentages to represent the relative amount of time you spend on each activity (assigning percentages is optional).  Then mark the pie wedges you would like to reduce (in red) and the pie wedges you would like to increase (in green).


Household/life maintenance                                Home improvement

Personal growth                                                       Health/Exercise

Hobbies/Avocations                                                Family

Romance                                                                    Travel

Fun                                                                              Friends

Career/Work/Business                                           Spiritual

Volunteer work                                                         Managing finances

Planning, visioning, goal setting




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