A. Attend Networking Events: Attend networking events and meet people (this is your second-most important strategy!) Networking events differ from professional or trade organization meetings in that they are a meeting whose sole purpose is to create an opportunity to network with other professionals.

How to Find Networking Events, Professional Organizations & Trade Organizations

  1. Careerealism
  2. The Book of Lists
  3. U.S. Societies & Organizations
  4. Meetup.com
  5. Top Professional Associations for Business Students
  6. Networking Organizations – Southern California

Tips for Networking Effective Networking

  • Determine Your Goal for the Meeting or Event
    • Determine Steps to Achieve Your Goal
  • Tailor Your Elevator Speech to the Audience
  • Practice Your Elevator Speech in the Car
  • Share Your Elevator Speech with People You Meet
  • Hand Out and Obtain Business Cards
  • Ask for Warm Introductions to Connectors or People in Your Target Company or Industry
  • After the Meeting, Sort the Business Cards into Piles:
    • LinkedIn Connection Only
    • Email
    • Phone Call
    • Coffee or Lunch
  • Send LinkedIn “Link Requests” to Everyone You Meet
  • Scan the Business Cards into Your Contact Database
  • Add key contacts to your Periodic Follow Up Process

Articles on Networking

B. Join Professional or Trade Organizations (or even better, join the Board of a Professional or Trade Organization)

  • Select groups that:
  • Have members who could hire you
  • Are for professionals in your field
  • Are for professionals in a related field


Tips for Effective Networking at Professional or Trade Associations

  • Let the President or Chairperson know you are looking for a new position
  • Target people to meet before & after the meeting
  • Look for Connectors
  • Many professional organizations give discounts to people who are in transition for the meetings fees

 C. Attend Trade Shows & Conventions:

  • Meet people who are representing companies that might hire you, let them know you are in transition and give out business cards
  • Collect business cards from people at target companies
  • Meet people who are attending the event
  • Follow up with key contacts:
    • Contact key contacts via email or phone
    • Send everyone “Link Requests” from LinkedIn
    • Set up phone calls and emails to build relationships and let people know what you’re looking for
    • Add key contacts to your Periodic Follow Up Process

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