15653931092_cd374660d3_bStudies show networking to be the most effective way of finding employment. Approximately 60% of all opportunities are not advertised anywhere. You can gain access to these jobs through networking.

A. Reach Out to Your Network. Start with Your “People List” and Categorize it into people you want to either:

  • Have Lunch with
  • Have Coffee with
  • Have a Phone Call with
  • Send An Email To
  • Send a “Link Request” to on LinkedIn


Engage in higher touch activities (lunch, coffee, phone calls) with people in your industry, old colleagues, centers of influence, “connectors” (people who like to connect people), trainers or professors, and people who are well connected.

B. Engage your contacts in a conversation in which you:

  • Share your Elevator Speech
  • Ask who they know in your target companies that they would feel comfortable introducing you to
  • Ask who they know in your industry that they could introduce you to
  • Ask if they know of any jobs in your target companies or industry
  • Ask where they network and whether you could come with them to an event
  • Ask them to brainstorm with you on ways to find your ideal job
  • Ask them to forward your resume to people who may have openings
  • Look for ways to offer value to them


C. Create a Contact Follow Up Process:

  • As you meet new people, Link with them on LinkedIn.
  • Ask key contacts to lunch, coffee, or set up a phone call.
  • For everyone you’ve contacted, met, or interviewed with, periodically remind them that you are looking for a job (monthly or bi-monthly).
  • Consider alternating between emails and phone calls.


D. Ask for Help From a Mentor or Champion

a. Within your company ask your Mentor to help you move toward the job you want.
b. Outside your current employer, talk to your Mentor about jobs you might be interested in, within your target companies and ask them to leverage their connections to help you find job leads or make warm introductions.



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