An important piece of your Job Search Marketing Collateral is your People List or (Network List).  This is a list of people you know that you want to leverage in your job search.  The Expand Your People List/Network List link below will help you ensure you have thought of all the people who might help you in your job search.

You should also create a database of your People List (in Excel, Access, or another software) so that you can make notes about when you contact them, when you want to contact them in the future, and what you have discussed with them.

Remember, anyone can help you find a job.  They don’t have to work in your field, they just have to remember what you’re looking for and let you know if they run across a lead for you.  Pay special attention to “Connectors” (people who enjoy connecting people) because they are more likely to make the effort to connect you with leads and more likely to know more people.

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