“I want to say THANK YOU for all your help during my coaching sessions for my interview preparation to achieve a successful offer as a Spanish Teacher. You helped me articulate the best possible answers for possible interview questions and provided me with answers that I could not have put together myself. I will look for your help if I ever need help again. Great experience!” – Teresa Tarango Covington

Katie inspires me. She takes a whole person approach to coaching and recognizes that successful career development is interdependent with healthy life balance! With her help, encouragement and insight, I have developed greater confidence and trust in myself as a manager and leader. I have learned how to be more open while holding healthy boundaries. – A.L., Manager

“Before looking into a career coach, I felt lost and in need of a career change but did not know how to go about it. A friend recommended me to Donna Schilder. Once I contacted her I was immediately connected with a coach Donna felt was a good match for me, that coach being Ariana.
Ariana gave me the tools and the confidence to know where my future begins and helped me step out of my comfort zone. I was enlightened through her guided expertise as she coached me through my path.
I am grateful for this experience and I know this group will always be here for me if I ever need career advice along my journey.” 

“I asked Katie to help me find the clarity I needed to truly know what it was I was meant to do and wanted to do next…and that’s exactly what she did. Through her guidance and carefully crafted coaching, Katie helped me gain clarity at a time when things were incredibly cloudy in my career.

After just a few sessions, I was able to see again and with that vision, I found what I was looking for…all of this within a 2 month process. I couldn’t be happier and I know I have Katie to thank for getting me going!”

“After so many years as a professional Engineer, living so many different experiences in the industries, it is not a surprise to reach that moment in the middle career when you ask yourself what else could be achieved and how to recover a really meaningful work and professional life.

Ariana’s work was of an indescribable value in this moment. Through dialogue, tools, papers and a particular talent for listening and percepting, she was of great help to lead me to discover my possibilities, to redefine my targets, organize my ideas and prepare me for the next step of job searching.

The feeling that what is to come will be very meaningful and good for me feeds my gratitude feeling for the work of Ariana. What she does involves people life, for sure the most beautiful profession of all. ”

“Katie is a gifted and masterful coach. I was fortunate to find her during a period of difficult decision making in my life.

She has been a true God-send providing support and bringing clarity to my thinking. Katie’s gift is creating a safe environment for me to discover my own path and then supporting that decision. She is funny and friendly and smart and that makes every call fun. Thank you Katie!”

“I had the pleasure to work with Katie recently and very much enjoyed my experience. Katie is professional, insightful and practical. My time with her helped me understand my true career interests and I learned how to highlight my experiences and tailor them to my interests. Katie’s approach to coaching is productive and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their career.”

“Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction and guidance to start taking action, one step at a time. It gave me the means and the courage to not only get unstuck but then to keep going as I unraveled and learned and tried to figure out what was next.

I have become more clear about my desired Career and life path and built confidence so that I am better able to sell myself. In addition, I gained a better understanding of how I learn and work, along with some tools to be more productive.”

“I began working with Donna more than a year ago with the purpose of developing a smarter approach to career exploration and company exploration–I have been working for the same company for almost 30 years and am ready to change companies, jobs and industries. Donna began by reviewing the career exploration results from the past, then working with me to determine my values and desired business characteristics, then map these against potential jobs. The result was a focused set of jobs that I could begin exploring.

Since our first meeting, I have made extensive use of the resources on her website (more comprehensive than anything else I’ve seen) and have had quite a few informational interviews which have helped me not only hone in on what I like but revealed that there are some jobs I have no interest in doing. After each interview we discussed what happened and what’s next (e.g., after sending a thank-you note, it never occurred to me to occasionally check in with those I interviewed with when they had jobs I wasn’t interested in).

One tool that I’ve used for networking is Linked In (LI). I used to think of LI as Facebook for business but Donna showed me how to strengthen my profile and use it more effectively (e.g., LI has helped me find people to have informational interviews with).

Finally, Donna has helped me stay focused in my job search, especially when she saw that I wasn’t spending much time on it. She encouraged me to track my weekly activities, then asked me at one point how much time I was willing to devote to this search. It was a nice reality check: to have someone on the outside challenge me to revisit the commitment to meeting my goal because at that pace (1 – 2 hours per week), I wasn’t going to get there anytime soon.

I would highly recommend Donna and her team at Glacier Point Solutions. Her coaching and resources are first class, and I appreciate the focus that she’s brought to my career exploration. In the process, I have built an extensive network that I’ve been using to find a more satisfying and rewarding career.”

“Through my work with you as my Coach, I have gained clarity about my values and and about what I want in my career and life. This clarity is empowering. It gives me a new framework for thinking about my career and personal life, and because of this I am more confident that the path I am on will lead me to happiness and fulfillment. Through your insights I also learned a lot about myself, the way I think, and the importance of self care. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with you and hope we can continue our work in the future.”