Below are some Financial Analyst sample interview questions you can use to help you prepare for job interviews.  Practicing with a partner or your Career Coach and seeking feedback will help you improve your answers and get more comfortable answering questions as they come up in an interview.  If you practice alone, answer the questions aloud so that the words come easily to you in your interviews.

  1. Tell me about how you’ve overcome a big mistake you’ve made.
  2. Tell me about some profitability models you have used in forecasting a project?
  3. Which profitability model do you use most often?
  4. Describe how that profitability model works.
  5. Describe a time when you encountered a challenge in persuading your boss of something.  How did you overcome that challenge?
  6. How have you corrected a financial forecast that you made that was inaccurate?
  7. Describe the process you would you use to create a report.
  8. Which software programs do you prefer to use in preparing graphs, charts, and spreadsheets?
  9. Describe how you would create a month-end sales reports?
  10. How do you calculate a company’s cash flow?
  11. Describe a time when you used a business case in an analysis you did.
  12. What is EBITDA?
  13. Describe how you would do a DCF analysis.
  14. When would you use EVA?
  15. Describe a scenario in which you would use ratio analysis?
  16. Describe present value analysis.
  17. Describe the process and methods you would use to value a company.
  18. When would you use activity-based costing?
  19. When would you use marginal costing?
  20. When would you use marginal costing?
  21. Describe a financial analysis recommendation you made that impacted the company positively.
  22. Describe what working capital is.
  23. If a company makes a capital expenditure, how does it impact the 3 financial statements?
  24. Describe how the income statement and balance sheet are interrelated.
  25. Describe what goodwill is.
  26. How is a deferred tax liability created?

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