How to Create a Leadership Vision

What is a Leadership Vision?

A Leadership Vision is a mental picture of who you intend to become as a leader and how you intend to behave.

The more specific your leadership mental picture, the more powerful the effect it will have on your leadership approach and your career.

A leadership vision statement should be clear, compelling, and inspiring. It should describe an aspirational goal that is easily understood, attainable, and memorable.

We also suggest that you write your Leadership Vision as if it were already true, which will set you up for success.

In addition to a Leadership Vision, some leaders will create a short memorable statement that embodies the leader they want to be. (This could be written as a Leadership Mission statement).

Other leaders will also create a story or use an example to illustrates their Leadership Vision.

Creating a Leadership Vision

You may be wondering how to create a Leadership Vision. Crafting a compelling Leadership Vision statement may feel overwhelming, but with the tools below, we’re confident that yours will come easily.

Leadership Vision Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

  • I am a leader who . . .
  • When I lead I . . .

Questions to Consider

  • Why are you a leader?
  • Who do you want to be as a leader?
  • What characteristics do you want to have as a leader?
  • Imagine you are the leader you want to be. What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like?
  • What outcomes do you want to produce as a leader?
  • What impact do you want to make on the organization, your staff, your customers?
  • Where do you want to take your department or organization as a leader?
  • How do you want to behave as a leader?
  • How will you inspire those you lead?
  • How will you be an example to those you lead?
  • How will you manage your blind spots as a leader?
  • What leadership legacy do you want to leave behind?

Next Steps To Take With Your Leadership Vision

  • Who will you share your Leadership Vision with? (Your boss, staff, peers, customers)?
  • How will you share it?
  • How will you operationalize your Leadership Vision?
  • What support do you need to operationalize and embody your Leadership Vision?

The Importance of a Strong Leadership Vision Statement

Crafting a Leadership Vision that is well thought-out can have a significant impact on your ability to communicate, motivate, and inspire those you lead.

It can also help you lead your team to better navigate the complex and rapidly changing work environment we all work in these days.

So, there’s no time like the present to develop a leadership vision, construct a robust mission statement, and inspire your team with a story that illustrates who you are as a leader.

Be the Leader you’ve always wanted to be!

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With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC (BIO)
With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC