Keirsey Temperament Sorter (Paper Version)

Keirsey Temparament Sorter (Online Version)

a.  Use the  Keirsey Validation Tool to validate your Kiersey Score. Read the square that represents your four letter score. Mark any words that do not apply. If your score is close on one or two letters, review the two boxes that represent your two possible Kiersey Scores and pick the one that matches more closely.

b.  Once you have validated your scores, forward your 4 letter score to your Career Coach.

c.  Print the document below that matches your for letter Kiersey Score.  We will review the document during your next Coaching session.

** For INFJ, start here on the first page: “As an INFP, career satisfaction means doing work that: 1. Is in harmony . . .” Then use #1-10 and the Strengths and Weakness section to work on selecting criteria based on personality type.  


d. MBTI Type & Careers Table

e. Star Wars Characters by MBTI Type

f. Percentages of The Keirsey Sixteen Types in the population

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