LinkedIn® Laws of Attraction – Part 2

Choose the Right Keywords to Attract Your Target Client

In Part 2 of this Expert Series on LinkedIn Laws of Attraction, let’s talk about ATTRACTION!

How do I attract the right person? Women obsess over it, makes millions from it, and a clever series of commercials starring a ripped Isaiah Mustafa have men dousing themselves in Old Spice over it. It seems there’s no simple answer  – swig Scope, squeeze into your Spanx, pump iron – who knows what works.

But, REJOICE! In the world of LinkedIn, there is an answer.

If you want to be found by the right people (potential clients), you need to incorporate the right Keywords into your LinkedIn Profile in the right places.

In this part of the series, you will learn how to select the right Keywords. In Part 3 you will learn how to put them in the right places.

Selecting the right Keywords is like any other marketing action, it starts with a simple question:

“Who do I want to attract on LinkedIn?”

Is it business people; Executives, Project Managers, Salespeople, Solo-Preneurs? Or is it people who need Life Coaching: working mothers, overwhelmed Executives, or people who are retiring?

NOTE:  LinkedIn is more targeted to professionals, so it is probably more effective for marketing Business Coaching, but it can be used to market Life Coaching as well. Business people are people too!

Once you’ve determined your target audience, figure out which specific words they would use to find you. Don’t just plug in keywords you use to describe yourself, because your target market may use different words to look for you.

For example, you may call yourself a “Personal Coach”, but the potential client will probably search “Life Coach” so include both.

You may be a “Business Development Coach” but most clients would search for a “Sales Coach”. If you’re a Solopreneur Coach, you might attract more clients with the term “Small Business Coach”.

Also, make sure you include terms that would be used in different industries.  For example, in some industries, the HR Manager would be looking for a Leadership Coach and in others, they would be looking for an Executive Coach.

Another tip is to add sub-types of coaching your Keyword, for example, you may be an Executive Coach but may also support skill development in Presentations, Conflict Resolution, or Strategic Planning.

For Life Coaching include sub-types like Stress Management, Life Planning, or Work/Life Balance.

Also, perform research to identify Keywords. To talk to your clients or potential clients to find out which terms they would use to find a coach.  And review other coaches LinkedIn Profiles or websites.

Another strategy that has worked well for me is to specify my location. Even though I do most of my coaching on the phone, clients will often look for a Coach near Long Beach, CA.  Later they become a phone coaching client, but what’s important in my marketing effort is that they were attracted to me because I was in Long Beach.

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