Building a Legacy

It’s important to build a legacy because emotionally it is an important stage in life.  It’s actually a stage that can happen over and over in life as we move from one job to the next, one organization or group to the next, or as we grow.

The idea is to pass on what you’ve learned, so that others may benefit from your knowledge, skills, experience, and your own unique perspective.   In addition, passing on legacy connects the past with the present.

Others benefit from the legacy you pass on, but you also gain from the experience.  It is a way for you to assimilate your own knowledge and to let go of something in order to move on to the next thing.

Legacy Goals – Example

  1. Teaching skills, behaviors, values, attitudes
  2. Imparting knowledge
  3. Coaching/mentoring
  4. Writing (personal history, family history, organization history)
  5. Genealogy
  6. Recording history (for example, family or work history)
  7. Creating art that teaches others
  8. Leaving property or wealth
  9. Leaving a business
  10. Impacting others
  11. Reminiscing, story-telling, memory building
  12. Sharing family pictures
  13. Making a legacy video


Legacy Goals 

 Goal  Year

























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