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Quality Assurance Director Interview Questions

Here are some sample Quality Assurance Director interview questions you can use to prepare for job interviews. It will help if you practice with a partner or your Career Coach. They can provide you with feedback and ways to improve your responses.  When practicing alone, you should answer the questions aloud.  Stand in front of a mirror and smile. Simply writing down your answers or thinking through them in your head, will not prepare you for answering questions in an actual interview.  Practice each response at least three times. It will appear more natural and you will feel more comfortable the more you do it.

  1. job interviewThere can be conflict between Engineering and Quality Assurance, how have you managed the relationship between Quality Assurance and Engineering in the past.
  2. How would you approach restructuring the Quality Assurance Department to increase efficiency?
  3. What are the steps in creating a Strategic Plan?
  4. How would you go about establishing metrics for your department?
  5. How have you developed a supervisor in the past?
  6. How do you hire effective Quality Assurance Engineers?
  7. Describe some process improvement initiatives you have led.
  8. Describe how you would manage departmental budget.
  9. How would you evaluate what skills were needed in the department?
  10. What would go into your training plan for the department?
  11. What would your plan be for the first 90 days of your employment with us?


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