Relationship Goals – Example 

  1. Have romance night once a week (dress up, go somewhere, sit by the fire).
  2. Listen to each other.
  3. Call friends and family more often.
  4. Visit friends out of state.


Relationship Goals



            No. of Children:______________________________________________ 

            Time spent with immediate family: _____________________________

Time spent with extended family:_____________________________________

Help given: ________________________________________________________

Boundaries: ________________________________________________________

Goals for teaching/helping your children: _____________________________


How many _____________________________________________

Find new friends:_________________________________________

Meet them where:________________________________________

Common interests/activities:________________________________


Interesting:____   Loyal:____  Honest:____  Religion/Spirituality:___

Common work:____  Diversity:____ Other:_____________________

Common Values:_________________________________________


Personality Characteristics:_________________________________


Relationship Building Thoughts 

    1. Think Win/Win (7 Habits of Highly Successful People)
    2. Seek first to understand, then to be understood (7 Habits)
    3. Giving others an “A” (Art of Possibility)
    4. Everyone doesn’t have to think, feel, be like me to be of value to me or the world

Do You Get More Than You Give?

In some relationships, we give more than we get.  This can be acceptable to us, or it may create resentment toward the other person.

In other relationships, we get more than we give and the danger is that we will be resented.

It is ideal that in a relationship there is a sense that you get as much as you give.  What you get doesn’t have to equate to what you give, it just has to be of value to you.  For example, if I highly value receiving knowledge from someone and they value getting help with decision-making, we don’t have to spend an equal amount of time on each of these activities.  We just have to spend enough time on each activity that we are both satisfied with what we are receiving from the relationship.

If we are in a relationship where we give more than we get, we may want to examine this relationship and adjust it or we may want to move on from it.

The ideal relationship is one in which we gain energy (not lose energy) from being with the other person.

Are you getting enough?
Are you giving enough?

 Key Relationship  What You Get  What You Give


Relationship Goals

 Goal  When


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