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Donna Schilder

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Donna Schilder

Resume Check List

Here is a resume Checklist to ensure you create an effective resume that will help you get your dream job!

  • Determine your target job or jobs
  • Determine your target industry or industries
  • Determine how many resumes to create
    • Create a resume for each job you are targeting
    • Consider whether you need a different resumes for different industries
  • Gather job ads from Job Search Websites for jobs that interest you
  • Based on the Job Ads you gather
    • Include keywords from the Ads in your resume
    • Create bullet points to describe experience, skills, education, and training you have that parallels experience, skills, and training required for the Jobs that interest you
  • Review resume examples
    • From colleagues
    • From competitive candidates on LinkedIn (some people include their resumes)
    • From Google searches
    • From the webpages below:



  • Gather resume tips that apply to your resume:
    • From friends
    • From the internet
    • From the webpage below




  • If you decide to have a professional resume writer write your resume
    • Look for resume writers on LinkedIn
    • Look for resume writers through a Google search
    • Review the resume writers we have provided



Once your resume is written

  • Ensure Keywords from your Keyword List are spread throughout your resume
  • Proofread your resume
  • Have a friend proofread your resume
  • Obtain feedback from:
    • Colleagues
    • HR Experts
    • Recruiters
    • Mentors
    • Revise Your Resume Based on the Feedback
  • Incorporate the feedback
  • Revise your resume
  • Proofread your resume again
  • Name your resume file with your name and the current date
  • Print your resume on good paper
  • If you are not in a confidential job search:
    • Add your resume to your LinkedIn Profile as a document
    • Update your LinkedIn Profile
    • Post your resume on Job Search Websites
    • Consider posting your resume on Social Media sites
  • Update your resume when you find your new job


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