Powerful Words for ResumesHere are some resume tips to help you create a resume that will get you the interview and your dream job:

Keep It Simple

Recruiters want resumes that are simple to understand.

Be sure your resume clearly communicates your skills, knowledge, education, and experience. Use job descriptions and job ads from jobs you’re interested in that you find on Indeed.com and other job search websites to identify the skills, experience, education, and knowledge required for your target job and include examples of these in your resume.

For maximum impact, keep your resume as concise as possible.

Include the Benefits You Offer An Employer

Your resume should show how you can benefit an employer. Explain how you made money, saved money or improved a process or product for your past employers. Quantifying your impact increases the credibility of your accomplishments.  To strengthen your resume include:

  • Improvement Metrics
    • The more numbers you can add to your resume, the stronger it will look.  Include metrics on:
      • Improved Quality by %
      • Increased Sales by %
      • Increased Customer Satisfaction %
      • Reduced Costs by %
      • Reduced Errors
      • Reduced Process Time
  • Add Numbers that Show the Magnitude of Your Responsibility for increased credibility:
      • Amount of Budget Managed
      • Number of People Managed
      • Amount of Sales Managed
      • Amount of Materials Managed
  • Create a Skills Section
    • A Skills Section makes it quick and easy for recruiters or hiring managers to see what you have to offer

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