Software Engineering Interview QuestionsHere is a list of Software Engineering Manager interview questions that you can use to practice interviewing in preparation for your job search efforts. We suggest you answer the questions aloud, looking into a mirror, instead of just thinking about them or writing your answers, so that you are comfortable answering questions verbally during interviews. Practice with a partner and ask for feedback, so that you improve upon your answers.

1. If one of your Software Engineers was going off on a tangent in executing his design, how would you get him to get back on track?

2. If you had two Software Engineers who couldn’t resolve how to approach a design issue, how would you help them make a decision on how to approach the design?

3. If you’re strongest Software Engineer was very domineering with the other Software Engineers and wouldn’t let their ideas be integrated into the design, how would you help that Engineer learn to let others contribute?

4. If you had a Software Engineer who was afraid to communicate with the customer to get the Requirements for the Software, how would you coach that Engineer to learn to communicate with the customer?

5. How would you get your team of Software Engineers to work together?

6. How would you hold your Software Engineers accountable to get their work done?

7. How would you communicate the big picture to your Software Engineers to that they understood it and their part in it?

8. How would you keep the Sales department from overpromising what you can’t deliver on (timelines, product capabilities, product features)?

9. How would you keep the focus on what the customer wants?

10. What would you do if you knew you weren’t going to make a customer deadline?

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