A  Job Search Elevator Speech is an important part of your Job Search marketing material.  It is a short speech you will use to generate interest in what you have to offer and to talk with people about the ideal job you are looking for.

Elevator Speech Topic Examples

  • Who you are
  • What you specialize in17976682_s
  • What your strengths are
  • What you have to offer
  • What sets you apart
  • The positions you are qualified for
  • The industries you are interested in

There are many different formats for Elevator Speeches.

A very simple format for an Elevator speech for a recent graduate or entry level position would be:

Simple Elevator Pitch – Example

Hello, I’m John Jacobs and I’m a recent graduate and I’m currently looking for a job in Human Resources as a Compensation Analyst preferably in a High Tech company.

If you are a seasoned professional, below is an Elevator Speech Template that will help you create a compelling Elevator Speech.

Elevator Speech Template

I am  ________ (name) and I am a ______________________. (Profession/Leadership Title)
I specialize in ____________ and ____________  (competencies) for ____________. (industry)
My strengths include ____________, _____________, ____________. (strengths)
I have achieved __________________________________. (Specific Measure Result / Metric)
I am excited about ____________________________. (What You Would Like to Do Next)

Elevator Speech Example – Executive Coach

I am Elaine Jones and I am an Executive Coach that specializes in supporting professionals in expanding their productivity and emotional intelligence for professionals in the Financial Services Industry. My strengths include understanding corporate landscape and integrating that with 25 years of wellness, meditation and yoga experience. I have worked with over 100 clients in the area of career navigation, mindfulness, leadership, and communication skills. I am excited to support more professionals in creating happier and more productive lives that reflect the integration of head and heart.

Elevator Speech Example – Human Resources Manager

Hello, I’m John Jacobs and I am a Human Resources Manager with a specialization in mergers and acquisitions for High Technology companies. My strengths lie in my ability to anticipate how a merger or acquisition will be perceived by the employees, how to manage their perceptions to keep morale up, how to retain top talent, and how to make the transition as painless as possible for everyone involved. I have been successful at supporting a large company in successfully navigating a merger while retaining 95% of their staff and a 92% Employee Satisfaction rate. I am excited to find my next role in a software or application design company where I can put my mergers & acquisitions experience to use in creating and maintaining an energizing, productive company culture for a fast growing company.

It is important to practice your Elevator Speech aloud, and even better to practice it with a friend, so that you are comfortable using it, whenever the need arises.

Having an Elevator Speech builds confidence and helps you communicate what you are looking for more effectively and succinctly. When you meet other professionals, or anyone new, you will know what you need to communicate to try to uncover new opportunities.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to use your entire Elevator Pitch at once.   It gives you a guide to follow to work the important information into the conversation.

You may start talking about your job search by saying, “I’m in a job search and I’m looking for “x”.  Then as the conversation progresses, you can weave in more of the information that paints the picture of what you’re looking for in a new position.

The clearer picture that you paint of what you want to find, the better chance that the listener will help you find a path to that position.

Don’t worry if they don’t immediately offer an idea or an introduction.  Sometimes that comes later.  I once had a Career Coaching client come to me 8 years later based on a conversation we had at a party.

Traditional Places to Use Your Elevator Speech

Here are some of the traditional places that people use Elevator Speeches:

  • Networking Events
  • Professional Organization Events
  • In Workshops & Classes
  • Tradeshows
  • Career Fairs
  • Networking Meetings with Individuals
  • On LinkedIn
  • Whenever You Meet Someone New

Nontraditional Places to Use Your Elevator Speech

There are many nontraditional places to use an Elevator Pitch.  The more people you share the information with, the more likely a path to your goal will unfold. Remember, it’s a numbers game and the more numbers you put up, the more likely it will be that you will find a wonderful new job.

So, don’t forget to share your speech in these types of situations:

  • An elevator*
  • In a class*
  • Parties*
  • At a coffee shop
  • The grocery store
  • Jury Duty*
  • Doctor’s office (we have a client that got a job at the Director level this way)
  • The airport or on a flight*
  • While traveling*
  • The gym or an exercise class*
  • The bank
  • Your children’s soccer game
  • A museum
  • A concert
  • A dog park*
  • Volunteering
  • Webinars*
  • In an Uber*
  • Other Social Media Sites

*We’ve witnessed, been part of, heard from our clients, or experienced ourselves finding jobs or work in these nontraditional settings.


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