Personal goal setting is important because it helps us move toward getting what we want out of life.  Without goals, we move aimlessly and often let circumstances, events, and other people make our choices for us. 

We only have so much time, energy, resources, and love to give.  If we do not have a direction, these resources become fragmented and diluted.  Time goes by, but we don’t get what we want. 

We find ourselves in the same mundane job, in the same mediocre relationship, living in the same uninspiring place, and doing the same lackluster activities.  Or even worse, we find ourselves bounced from task to task with no purpose or direction.

As a Mid-Life Renewal Coach, I help my clients continuously make goals and action plans to move toward getting what they want in life.  The plans they make help them spend their time, energy, and love in ways that create joy and meaning.  They also create accountability for themselves so that they continue to follow the path toward their dreams, even when events, circumstances, and people try to pull them off the path. 

Let’s work together today to create some career and business goals and some lifestyle and life structure goals that will start you on your way toward getting what you want.


What’s the most important thing you could do to start building the life you want? 


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Goal Categories 

  • Career/Business
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Traditions
  • Lifestyle
  • Home
  • Health
  • Safety/Risk Management
  • Personal Growth/Education
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Gratification/Purpose/Meaning
  • Pleasure/Leisure/Joy
  • Vacation
  • Passing on Your Personal Legacy



  • Get a new job
  • Get promoted
  • Find a new career path
  • Start a new business
  • Grow my business



  • Save money
  • Increase financial security
  • Prepare for retirement



  • Find a romantic partner (this goal is not for couples)
  • Improve our marriage
  • Get closer to our kids
  • Spend quality time together



  • Build strong holiday traditions
  • Build our own holiday traditions
  • Build traditions that bind our family together



  • Work less
  • Live closer to work



  • Buy a home
  • Upgrade our home
  • Maintain our home



  • Maintain health
  • Improve health
  • Deal with health problems


Safety/Risk Management

  • Increase safety
  • Decrease health, monetary, safety risk


Personal Growth/Education

  • Get a degree
  • Get more education
  • Be a better person


Spiritual Growth

  • Define what spirituality is for me
  • Get closer to God
  • Pass on my beliefs to others
  • Explore new ways to be spiritual



  • Find more meaningful work
  • Engage in a meaningful hobby or volunteer work



  • Have more pleasure our lives
  • Have more leisure time in our lives
  • Enjoy our leisure time more
  • Have more joy in our lives



  • Have a nice vacation for not a lot of money
  • Travel to exotic places
  • Have a relaxing vacation


Passing on Your Personal Legacy

  • Pass on my skills others
  • Pass on my knowledge to others
  • Pass on my history
  • Pass on my family’s history
  • Pass on a way of life


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