checkmark1Career Exploration Activity Checklist

Here is a checklist to help you track your progress through the Career Exploration Process.

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Highly Suggested Assessments & Inventories for Career Exploration

☐ VIA Signature Strengths Inventory
Kiersey Temperament Sorter
Desired Career/Business Characteristics
Learning Style Inventory – Careers Correlated With Your Learning Style

Other Career Exploration Resources & Activities

☐ Pre-Entrepreneurial Quiz
Barnes & Noble Career Exploration Activity
Ask Your Friends Career Exploration Exercise
☐ Career Exploration Questions
Holland Code (RIASEC Test)
Your Ideal Job Exercise

Career Lists

☐ Career List Websites
Career Research Resources – For Job Possibilities

Career Research (May Be Performed Before, During or After Career Matrix Creation)

☐ Career Research Resources – For In Depth Research
Informational Interviewing for Career Research
☐ Research Careers on Job Search Websites
Salary Range Websites
☐ Learning About Careers Through Internships or Job Shadowing

Career Matrix

☐ Select Criteria
☐ Weight Criteria
☐ Create a Brainstormed List of Possibilities
☐ Eliminate any Possibilities You Want to Reject
☐ Weight Possibilities Against Criteria
☐ Narrow Possibilities to 3-5

Perform Additional Career Research

☐ Research Top 3-5 Possibilities
☐ Select Target Career, Job, or Business
☐ Create a Plan to Attain Target Career, Job or Business
☐ Implement Plan




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