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Donna Schilder

New Leader Questions to Uncover the Deeper Problem

move-mountains1I recently received a question from a Coach that I am linked to on LinkedIn that led me to develop a new list of questions.  I love questions!

Here’s her inquiry to me:

“I have a group of new leaders that struggle to ask the right questions to get the right detail from other managers about certain problems/challenges/issues and need help really getting to the deeper problem?”


Here is my list of questions to help her Coaching clients uncover the deeper problem behind productivity issues:

1. What obstacles are you facing in getting your tasks done?
2.  What takes you the most time?
3.  Where do most of the errors occur?
4.  What causes the errors?
5.  What resources are you lacking?
6.  Do you have the training they need to get the job done?
7.  What could I do to help you do your job better?
8.  What are the bottlenecks to getting the job done?
9.  What costs you time?
10.  Are the roles in your area clear?


Looking for ways to make your department more productive?  Leadership Coaching can help you learn to ask the right questions to lead your employees to become more productive and motivated. Contact me today for a Leadership Coaching Consultation.


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