Executive Coaching is a professional development process that supports leaders in building leadership skills and self-awareness.

Selecting an active meeting structure for Executive Leadership Team Meetings will make them more effective. Here are examples of ELT meeting agendas.

This 360 Degree Assessment briefing describes what the 360 Degree Assessment is & how to prepare respondents, receive results & create an action plan.

It’s no surprise that employee reviews can make workers nervous, but the process can also make managers sweat. Indeed, many bosses aren’t comfortable giving employee feedback, especially if it’s not the positive kind. Regardless of how you feel about them, performance reviews are a common way companies measure their employees’ work.

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Use these interview questions, grouped by subject, to prepare for your next CEO-level interview.

The Problem: Disengaged and Apathetic Team
An Aerospace Executive, we’ll call her Connie, was concerned because her team was disengaged and apathetic.

“I am seeing great benefit from Executive Coaching.  I am also noticing that the other leaders who are working with Executive Coaches are able to have more productive conversations with me and that they are changing for the better.”

“My experience with Donna’s Executive Coaching was outstanding. She brought clarity to challenging situations and aided me to develop new skills and insight into myself and those who I work with. Thank you Donna!”

“I have only worked with Donna for a few months and already the insights I have received have helped me break down roadblocks that have held me back for years. She is insightful and supportive, but more than that, she helps you discover, reason, and feel. She intuitively knows when a topic needs pushing and that is what I am most grateful for. Initially I would think I’m talking about something, but she would help me discover that the issue was something else entirely.

I already feel like I’ve grown by leaps and bounds and look forward to working with Donna to continue breaking down the barriers that have kept me from growing my business and my personal brand to its full potential.”

“Donna’s Executive Coaching has been instrumental in helping me navigate through a career transition. Her insight has enabled me to dig deep inside to better define my career and life goals. With this knowledge, we worked together to align my experience and skills with the right opportunities and she has shown me how to clearly articulate my value to potential employers. Her positive attitude and focused approach ensure our meetings are always motivating and productive. Donna has become a trusted partner and I highly recommend her services.”