“Katie is a gifted and masterful coach. I was fortunate to find her during a period of difficult decision making in my life.

She has been a true God-send providing support and bringing clarity to my thinking. Katie’s gift is creating a safe environment for me to discover my own path and then supporting that decision. She is funny and friendly and smart and that makes every call fun. Thank you Katie!”

“Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction and guidance to start taking action, one step at a time. It gave me the means and the courage to not only get unstuck but then to keep going as I unraveled and learned and tried to figure out what was next.

I have become more clear about my desired Career and life path and built confidence so that I am better able to sell myself. In addition, I gained a better understanding of how I learn and work, along with some tools to be more productive.”


Do You Want to Lead a Lusher, Richer, More Enjoyable Life?


laxurious life


Learn How to:


  • Soak in the Sights
  • Drink in the Sounds
  • Relish the Tastes
  • Breathe in the Aromas
  • Add the little touches that make a big difference
  • Create a luxurious home environment


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