Studies show that having a mentor is a key component of a leader’s career success. Learn how to find a mentor right for you.

What is a Mentor? Someone who, no matter what your position, field, or level, can have a positive influence on your career.

Whether you own your own business or are employed by a company, it is essential that you own what you are worth and then ask for it.

You may have a well-written LinkedIn Profile, with the right keywords to attract opportunities and connections, but you may be making a small mistake that’s keeping you from getting contacted.

“Before looking into a career coach, I felt lost and in need of a career change but did not know how to go about it. A friend recommended me to Donna Schilder. Once I contacted her I was immediately connected with a coach Donna felt was a good match for me, that coach being Ariana.
Ariana gave me the tools and the confidence to know where my future begins and helped me step out of my comfort zone. I was enlightened through her guided expertise as she coached me through my path.
I am grateful for this experience and I know this group will always be here for me if I ever need career advice along my journey.” 

“I asked Katie to help me find the clarity I needed to truly know what it was I was meant to do and wanted to do next…and that’s exactly what she did. Through her guidance and carefully crafted coaching, Katie helped me gain clarity at a time when things were incredibly cloudy in my career.

After just a few sessions, I was able to see again and with that vision, I found what I was looking for…all of this within a 2 month process. I couldn’t be happier and I know I have Katie to thank for getting me going!”

“After so many years as a professional Engineer, living so many different experiences in the industries, it is not a surprise to reach that moment in the middle career when you ask yourself what else could be achieved and how to recover a really meaningful work and professional life.

Ariana’s work was of an indescribable value in this moment. Through dialogue, tools, papers and a particular talent for listening and percepting, she was of great help to lead me to discover my possibilities, to redefine my targets, organize my ideas and prepare me for the next step of job searching.

The feeling that what is to come will be very meaningful and good for me feeds my gratitude feeling for the work of Ariana. What she does involves people life, for sure the most beautiful profession of all. ”

“I had the pleasure to work with Katie recently and very much enjoyed my experience. Katie is professional, insightful and practical. My time with her helped me understand my true career interests and I learned how to highlight my experiences and tailor them to my interests. Katie’s approach to coaching is productive and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their career.”

Your LinkedIn Profile is a way to get your “resume” in front of your superiors and peers, so that they can see what you’re capable of, and what experience you have.

“Through my work with you as my Coach, I have gained clarity about my values and and about what I want in my career and life. This clarity is empowering. It gives me a new framework for thinking about my career and personal life, and because of this I am more confident that the path I am on will lead me to happiness and fulfillment. Through your insights I also learned a lot about myself, the way I think, and the importance of self care. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with you and hope we can continue our work in the future.”