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5 Fears that Can Get in Your Way

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A big part of how I support my coaching clients is by helping them break through the fears that keep them from taking action.  Often, just by acknowledging what type of fear is getting in the way, the client can move forward.
Five common types of fear are:  fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of the unknown. Once you determine the type of fear you are facing, you can start to break it down.
Below are coaching questions for these fears, that I use to help my clients explore, overcome, and dispel fears.  You can use them yourself to process and work through your fears.

1.  Fear of rejection 
How does rejection affect your worth as a person?  Does being rejected change who you are?  How could you embrace rejection?

2.  Fear of embarrassment

If you embarrass yourself, what will happen?  Will you loose your job?  Will your husband divorce you?  Will you be less of a person?  Will anyone remember that you embarrassed yourself for more than a week?

3.  Fear of the unknown

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  How likely is it that something bad will happen?   Can you embrace the unknowing and be open to what will come?

4.  Fear of failure 
How will you feel if you do nothing?  Isn’t doing nothing failure?  What benefits will you receive if you succeed?  Is it worth it to risk failure if you have a chance to change the circumstances of your life for the better?

5.  Fear of success

Do you fear change?  Would it be worth facing change to create better conditions in your life?  How could you see yourself having success in this situation?  How can you embrace the fact that you deserve good things in life?

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