5 More Fears That Can Get in Your Way

The barrier of fear is a common issue that Coaching clients work on (Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Job Search Coaching).  Fear can stop you from making a call, requesting help, applying for a job, trying something new, or letting someone know how you feel.

One of our Coaching client experienced fear as he started new art projects.  As he’s faced his fear of the unknown and fear of failure, he has been able to reduce his procrastination and is finishing his projects faster.

Another client feared telling her mother how she felt because she was afraid she would experience emotional pain.  Once she faced the fear and talked to her mom, she had more energy to market her new business.

Let’s take a look at some questions that can help you work through 5 More Fears that can hold you back:

6. Fear of Being Judged:

How can you stay focused on your good qualities and the good person you are when others criticize you?  Are there others who have been judged despite the wonderful gifts they’ve given to the world?  What about Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi?  Did fear of being judged stop them from doing what they knew was right?

7. Fear of Emotional Pain: 

Is the risk of emotional pain worth the gain you might receive from taking action?  Will the pain still be there a week from now?  A month from now?  A year from now?  Is there a gift that the emotional pain could give you?

8. Fear of Being Alone: 

Can you love yourself enough to be alone rather than:

  • Being unhappy?
  • Being out of integrity with who you are?
  • Being abused?

Who can be there for you so that you don’t feel alone?  Will you truly be alone if you find ways to be a contribution to others?

9. Fear of Expressing Your Feelings:

If you don’t express your feelings, how do those feelings come out?  Do they come out in a constructive way? Do they come out in an explosion?  What would be the benefit of expressing your feelings?  How could expressing your feelings increase your power?

10. Fear of  Emotional Intimacy:

What could you gain by being truly understood by your loved one?  What gifts could intimacy bring to your life?  Is what you could by being emotionally intimate more important than what you could gain?

Asking yourself these questions and either journaling about them or talking to someone about them can help you dispel your fears.  Once your fears are out of the way, the world of possibility will open up and you can start to live the life you want to live.

If you missed the first 5 Fears That Can Get in Your Way, we suggest you take a look at them.

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With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC (BIO)
With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC