Disputing Assumptions That Keep You Stuck


Sometimes we think a situation is unchangeable because we are trapped by our assumptions.
I have a client who was stuck in a belief: “I have to tolerate this job that is overwhelming because the other jobs out there require a degree and I don’t have one.”
I often work with clients to dispute their assumptions so that they can take action to change their lives. In this case I used a three step process to help her identify the assumption and dispute it.
Make it personal:
How do you define a good job?
It pays $80,000
It is near my house
It is 45 hours per week
It is a manager position
Make it specific:
What are specific jobs with those characteristics?

We came up with an action item for the client to work on.

She looked online for jobs that fit her requirements

Dispute the assumption:
Did every job listed in the paper require a degree?
Is it possible that even some of the jobs that listed a degree as a requirement might accept someone with experience instead of a degree?
The answer was: “Yes.”
After we disputed the assumption that was holding her back, she was able to move forward and find a great job in a very short time, for even more money!!!!
Suddenly a situation that seemed unchangeable, was changeable.

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