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Top 10 Causes of Job Burnout


job burnout
1.  You find you’re suffering on the job.

  • Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.  Look for what is causing you to suffer and look for ways to eliminate it.  Involve your boss in finding efficiencies, others to delegate to, or modifying or eliminating tasks that might not be necessary anymore.

2. You feel pushed to produce beyond your limits.

  • Learn to say “no.”  Watch your colleagues.  They probably say “no” more than you realize.  Also, learn to schedule tasks in the future.  Most tasks really don’t need to be done immediately.


3.  You promise too much and then barely keep up.

  • Examine whether you are you addicted to adrenaline or you’re trying to please everyone.

4.  You give too much and don’t get enough back.

  • Lower your expectations, give less, ask for more, or change jobs.

5.  The people at work drain you.

  • Do you let people take advantage of you?  Have you created boundaries for other people’s behavior?


6.  You don’t get ahead the way you want.

  • Are your expectations reasonable?  If they are, establish a step by step plan to achieve your goals or move to another company.


7.  You’ve lost interest in what you used to enjoy.

  • Find ways to expand your scope of work or take on new projects.  Look for ways to reconnect to the joy you once felt in doing your work.


8.  You’ve developed feelings of depression.

  • Talk to a professional.


9.  You’re feeling angry and withholding communications.

  • Who are you trying to punish?  Why?  Are you really just punishing yourself?


10.  You’re having personal problems unrelated to the job.

  • A happy person is a productive employee; an unhappy person is an unproductive employee.  Look for ways to change what you are unhappy with.


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