Daily Habits for Health and Happiness

Some people ask me why it’s important to design your life.  My answer is that not only will you be happier, but you will be healthier.


daily habits

Daily Habits for Health and Happiness

1. List three things you are grateful for every day.

2.  Ensure experience pleasure or joy every day.

3.  Expose your eyes to 20 minutes of sun (you can wear your hat

but not your sunglasses).

4.  Make an Appointment to Laugh (I like the “Ellen” show, but the funnies or the joke of the day work well too).

These strategies can make a big difference in your level of happiness.

If you want to do something even bigger: create a life vision, determine what you need to do to create your ideal life, and do it!

Having a supportive coach can make this process much easier.  My clients experience on average a 25% increase in their Life Satisfaction after 3 to 6 months.  I invite you to invest in your happiness and your health.

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