Giving Meaningful Gifts

I have some ideas that will help you get through one of the toughest tasks of the year, Holiday shopping.

I’m going to give you a way of thinking that will help you select meaningful gifts.  Then I will give you gift ideas that you can buy with just a few online clicks.  This is online shopping with a twist: pre-selection by someone whose purpose in life is to help people be happy.

The first step in selecting a meaningful gift is to think about what issues the person is currently facing.  Examples of meaningful gifts include:

    • A planner for someone who has having trouble getting organized

meaningful gifts

    • A yoga tape or pedometer for someone who wants to get healthier
    •  A CD of calming music for the person who is under stress
    •  The gift of help to someone who is overwhelmed
    •  Enrollment in a class at a Community Center for someone who is having trouble getting out or making new friends
    • A watch for the person who’s watchband keeps breaking

Some of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received are books. On my website I have a list of books that have impacted my life.   I have written short descriptions of each book to help you make your selection.  Once you have selected a book, you can click on the book icon which will take you directly to Amazon where you can buy the book. Click below to access the list of :

Suggested Books & CDs

I hope I’ve made your shopping easier for you!
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