What Can I Do To Make Your Day A Little Easier?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but those who focus on others, instead of themselves, tend to be happier and more positive.
Recently, neuroscientists discovered that when you are compassionate, your nervous system and the emotion control center of your brain, are positively affected, resulting in happiness. In addition, compassion releases oxytocin in your body, which calms stress and boosts immunity. So helping others and showing empathy will make you happier and healthier.

And helping others doesn’t have to be an overwhelming proposition.
Recently I was having a bad day. It isn’t surprising that I would have a bad day considering I am recovering from extensive surgery on my foot, ankle, and calf.
Feeling frustrated and helpless, I was stunned at the impact of one simple question my husband asked: “What can I do to make your day tomorrow a little easier?”
Just the utterance of the words touched my soul. And the little things I asked him to do made the next day so much better: “Can you put a trashcan next to my Coaching chair and can you move my lunch to the second shelf in the Fridge so I can reach it better?” It took him just a few minutes to respond to my requests.
A little compassion. A little effort. And not only did I feel better, but my husband’s frontal lobe lit up, while calming chemicals bathed his body and reduced his stress.
Imagine how much happier you could be and what a better place the world would be if we all asked that simple question more often:
What can I do to make your day a little easier?

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