Chat GPT for Job Search and Career Exploration

The world of work is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to know which career path you should take to ensure that you will be personally and professionally fulfilled.  In addition, the process of searching for a job is continually changing as well.

Luckily, there are many resources available to support you in your career exploration and job search journey, so you can explore the options and find the right fit. One newer resource is ChatGPT, a cutting-edge chatbot.

In this video, our coach, Chris Sier, PCC, BCC, shows you how ChatGPT can be used as part of our Career Exploration Coaching and Job Search Coaching process:

Using ChatGPT for Career Exploration

Our Coaches can help you use ChatGPT in your Career Exploration. In addition, this tool can help us customize our Coaching approach.

Once you’ve shared your background, education, skills, interests, experience, and personality traits with your coach, he or she will help you use the information to explore potential career paths and/or specific jobs that might be a good fit for you.

Once you decide on your career path, you and your Coach will work together to create your step-by-step Career Plan to help you identify what types of training or education you need to get, how to build your network to find your first jobs, and how to find the first job on your career path and ensure you take the steps necessary to embark or continue on your career journey.

Using ChatGPT for Job Search

Finding your dream job can feel daunting, especially with so many options available.

We can also help you use ChatGPT, if its the right tool for you, to identify job types that you can apply for, identify industries to target, and search for job openings in your area. You can also use ChatGPT to improve your resume and cover letter.

If you’re not sure where to start with your Career Exploration or Job Search, consider engaging one of our Career Coaches or Job Search Coaches (if you’ve already worked with us, just know, we’re always here for you).

Let’s Find Your Dream Job!

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With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC (BIO)
With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC

ChatGPT for Job Search and Career Exploration – Video Transcript

Chris Sier, PCC, BCC (00:14):

For our purposes for career, I’m going to do five searches. The first three are going to be on career discovery, being analytical, and loving to research. There are certain things when I first had a discussion with a client, if they’re working in something that I am unfamiliar with and I would like to learn more about, and they’re really interested in a certain kind of thing. Like in this particular instance, it’s about blockchain. I don’t know much about blockchain. So what I put in here was, let’s see, my client is introvert and loves blockchain opportunities. What jobs could she apply for? 

Karen (01:30):

Wow, that’s very cool. 

Donna Schilder, MCC (01:33):

Yes. And they did say, you can be very comfortable. 

Chris (01:42):

Okay, now, okay, network here. Regenerate there. 

Donna (01:57):

So you can immediately see how useful this would be for someone exploring careers. 

Chris (02:06):

So now one of these was, let’s see, blockchain developer. So let’s say they’re really interested in that. So what skills and or experience is required for a blockchain developer? Oops, misspelled blockchain. 

Donna (02:49):

It might correct for that, but we’re not sure. 

Chris (02:52):

It sometimes does. Then you see this little down arrow here, because I’ve got the rest of it. It’ll start looking at all these different development tools, applications, things that a person might need. 

Donna (03:15):

So it gives you the skills and then that could tell a person what skills to develop and what skills they already have. 

Chris (03:24):

All that.

Donna (03:25):

Also what to put in their resume as they go forward into this arena. 

Chris (03:34):

Exactly. And you can help them learn how to do this as well. I mean, I enjoy doing it myself, but I don’t necessarily give them all this information. I help them with a lot of this. It all depends on what our conversation is like. 

Donna (03:52):

And if you’re on Zoom with them, you can share your screen, show them some examples. 

Chris (03:59):

Exactly. So the third thing is, okay, so what industries might, didn’t I write that? No. Might be looking for a blockchain developer. So now it shows a variety of different kinds of industries. 

Donna (04:39):

This is such a great demo, Chris. This is amazing. 

Chris (04:47):

So then what I did, I get really curious about these things. I ask it develop a list of companies who have blockchain jobs 

Donna (05:06):

Are …

Chris (05:07):

Looking for a blockchain developer. Now they don’t have access to everything, but it does show you a variety of places where they could start looking. 

Donna (05:31):

And what’s great about this is you don’t have to see job posting. You can instead look at these companies and start building relationships with the people who would hire a developer and go around that whole needing to see an so you could scoop people and get it before they put it out. 

Chris (06:01):

Absolutely. And this is what I really love for me because it reduced the time that I did this to about five minutes. And that’s on interview prep because say for blockchain, I’m not familiar with blockchain, they get an interview wanting a blockchain developer. So what kind of questions would a hiring manager ask? So what I say is you can say 10, 15, 50, a hundred list, and I’m just going to say list 10, behavioral interview. Sorry, interview questions. A block chain developer might be asked in an interview, and so you can have 10, 50, a hundred questions. 

Donna (07:15):

So you don’t have to create them. 

Chris (07:21):

Right. There are times when if I’m working with manager and I’ve had other managers, so I pull some of the interview questions that has been asked in the past, but I also would do this as well because there could be additional ones that I hadn’t heard of or thought of, especially since business is constantly being updated constantly. So this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do just about anything, ask anything and it will do amazing kinds of things. I went to a presentation online about using AI, and you could look, it’s one of these questions and you could actually ask, it says, describe a scenario you had to troubleshoot and debug a blockchain application. You might want to drill farther down because the person may have had a job previously and they were fired for some reason. I don’t know. And so you wanted to ask additional questions or you might say, what would be a great answer to mitigate something? So it’s great. 

Karen (08:48):

What if you asked it, can you send me resumes of blockchain developers? Would it send you an actual resume? 

Chris (08:58):

I don’t know. Can you? 

Donna (09:01):

I think so. 

Chris (09:03):

Me resumes or examples of resumes of blockchain chain developers? No, but it does say some of the things that you might want to put into one. But this is general kinds of information. 

Donna (09:39):

Another thing you can do from what I’ve read is put your resume in there. You could say, take my resume and revise it to make it more applicable to a blockchain developer job. 

Chris (09:59):


Donna (10:00):

You can put your resume in there and it’ll rewrite. Now the higher the complexity, the worse your quality is going to be. So writing a resume, maybe you don’t get a great response for that. But writing an elevator speech for developing or being a blockchain developer. 

Chris (10:26):

Exactly, yes. All those things. 

Donna (10:29):

So you can also put information in it and it can review. You can put in critique my resume. Now how do you upload? There’s a caveat. You would just put it right in there. Okay. And I don’t know what the syntax is, but you just copy and paste it in there. Yeah, there is a caveat on the resume, which is if you put your resume into chat, GPT, it’s now part of the information that it uses. And so if you had a really unique set of skills, it could be you’re giving it information that somebody else could use to compete with you. 

Karen (11:18):

Makes sense. 

Donna (11:21):

So things that are like I was thinking about with my website, I wouldn’t put a sales page sales landing page in there, but I might put another page that’s not as central to what we’re doing. Something that’s more general. I might put a webpage in there and have it, and you could have it even just check for grammar or really a lot of different things. Chris, I kind of jumped in. Let me 

Chris (11:53):

Get out of, no, not at all. That was basically all that I wanted to show you. That is the tip of the iceberg. We can do anything. I have a client who loves ai, absolutely adores it and has used AI in developing a variety of applications for his company and he has used it also for cover letters and other things. Now he found, I have no idea how he found it. I asked him, how did he find it? He says, I don’t know, it just kind of showed up. It’s called Teal, TEAL. And you can start from the very scratch. I created an account. It’s free, you can add for a monthly fee for additional kinds of things. But you can start from the very beginning. I’ll ask you questions from that. A resume writer would ask all the way through to looking at your resume versus a job description of something that you have found, say on Indeed. 

And it will look at how many of the keywords you have or what is similar to the keywords and if you want to change them to that particular keyword. It goes through all kinds of stuff. That’s an AI program right there. So I don’t know much about teal, but all these AI things can really do some amazing things. And they’re not invincible either, and they do have bias. So you have to take those things into consideration. And sometimes I will double check in Google or wherever else I find myself in to make sure that what I am passing on is correct. But yeah, it’s pretty cool.

If you’re not sure where to start with your Career Exploration or Job Search, consider engaging one of our Career Coaches or Job Search Coaches (if you’ve already worked with us, just know, we’re always here for you).

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With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC (BIO)
With Our Consultations Coach: Vicki Rich, MBA, ACC