Increase Assertiveness by Taking Assessments

Leaders Can Increase Their Assertiveness By Reviewing Assessments With Their Leadership Coach

You can increase your Assertiveness by taking assessments and debriefing them with your Leadership Coach.

Personality or behavioral assessments (or inventories) are great tools to use to increase your understanding of yourself and your leadership behaviors. Here are some examples of useful assessments/inventories for examining Assertiveness:

You are much more likely to increase your assertiveness by taking an Assessment when you debrief it with an Executive Coach because your Coach has special expertise and experience in working with assessments and can help you interpret the results and identify behaviors driven by your personality or behavioral tendencies.

Assessments Can Help You Understand Yourself More Deeply & Create Change

Once you and your Coach have identified what drives your behavior, you can work together to identify new Assertive behaviors to strive for and ways to intervene when you behave in an Aggressive or Passive way.

A Coach can help you become more assertive by helping you:

  • Identify behaviors you’d like to change
  • Choose and complete tasks that will support you in being more assertive
  • Implement behavioral change strategies interventions
  • Delve into and dispel limiting beliefs
  • Hold yourself accountable to implement your actions and change your behavior

In this video, Sherri Cannon, PCC, Executive Coach and Donna Schilder, MCC, Executive Coach & President, of Donna Schilder Coaching, discuss how Assessments can be used to help leaders increase their assertiveness.

Assessments to Increase Assertiveness

Increase Your Assertiveness By Taking Assessments – Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video above.

Sherri Cannon, PCC, Executive Coach:

The other thing that I know that I really appreciate about what we do at Glacier Point Solutions is I appreciate how much real focus and time goes into making sense of the instrument. Not just do you know your four letters, right, but really to help people actually operationalize it.

Donna Schilder, MCC, Executive Coach:

Yeah, to go in deep. Not just give it to them, but really go in deep so that they understand what it’s saying and they connect what it’s saying to real-life examples, either seeing how other people behave or seeing how they behave.

Extensive Coaching Time Is Required to Leverage an Assessment for Change

It really takes time to go through those inventories in a deep way. I think sometimes that’s why Coaching doesn’t work around the DiSC or MBTI, is because they don’t go deep enough. All of our Coaches are trained to go really deep with those Assessments.

Sherri Cannon:

Yeah. I just have to say, it just crossed my mind, that we have a client where Glacier Point Solutions did a good deal of Coaching and especially DiSC Coaching, and those leaders still have their DiSC results posted on their doors.

Donna Schilder:

That’s wonderful.

Sherri Cannon:

Which is really good to see. Yeah. That’s when you know it dropped in.

Donna Schilder:

They took it into the workplace.

Sherri Cannon:

That’s right, that’s right.

Donna Schilder:

That’s wonderful to hear.

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With Our Consultations Coach: Chris Sier, PCC