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Here are some Pharmaceutical Sales sample interview questions you can use to help you prepare for job interviews. By practicing with a partner or your Career Coach, you will gain feedback and this process with help to improve your answers.  Answer the questions aloud, stand in front of a mirror and smile while you speak. Just thinking about them or writing your answers down will not prepare you as well for a verbal interview and will help to make you feel more comfortable speaking your responses. 

  1. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, how do you access busy physicians?
  2. How would you go about educating a physician on why they want to prescribe our product?
  3. How is it different between a hospital-based physician and an office-based physician?
  4. Tell me about the relationships you have in this specialty in this territory?
  5. How do you access busy physicians?
  6. How do you get past the front office to the physician?
  7. Tell me about how you perform territory planning?
  8. What are the elements of a good business plan?
  9. How do you keep operational expenses down?
  10. How would you go about educating a physician on why they should prescribe our drug?
  11. How do you educate the front office and nurses on supporting the doctor in prescribing the medication?
  12. How do you support the continued prescription of the medication once the patient leaves the hospital?
  13. What do you do differently at product launch versus once a product has been on the market for a while?
  14. Tell me about your track record.
  15. Tell me about your knowledge of psychiatry, and especially schizophrenia.
  16. How have you partnered in the past with other territory managers?
  17. How do you discover your client’s needs?
  18. How do you approach different types of physicians differently, say psychiatrists versus neurologists?
  19. How does your experience as a CNA come into play in your work?
  20. How do you leverage your professional memberships for sales?
  21. Tell me about your most difficult sales call.
  22. Tell me about a time when you resolved an issue for a physician.
  23. What would your “First 90 Days Plan” be?

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Job Interview

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