How Do You Define Success?

I recently saw an episode of “The Nanny” in which a stay-at-home mom wasn’t spending any time playing with or talking to her kids.  The cameras documented the woman’s day.
In the morning she made bacon, eggs, pancakes, and orange juice from scratch and then did the dishes.  By the time she was done with the dishes and had picked up the house, it was time for her to start making spaghetti sauce from scratch for lunch and then she did the dishes again.  She cleaned house and then started making a complex dinner from scratch.  Again more dishes.  She was exhausted.
During all of this, the mom’s kids alternated between trying to get her attention and running amok.
If the mom’s definition of success was to make every meal from scratch, then she would be an outrageous success.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t her definition of success. She felt like a complete failure. Her children didn’t behave, they had no discipline, they fought all day, and were miserable.
Once the mom realigned how she spent her time:

With her kids, not her pots and pans

With what mattered most to her:

Creating well-adjusted kids and a happy family

She was able to be successful in achieving her goal of being a great mom.
Are you spending your time on what matters most to you?


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