Joyful Cost Cutting Tips

Cutting Costs on Shopping


  1. Any Item:  Go to (created by Google). Type in any item and it will give you the lowest online price.

  3. Prescriptions: Get discount drug coupons by going or the specific drug company website (just type in the name of the drug).

  5. Groceries:  Have your groceries delivered ( to avoid high-cost food temptations.

  7. Travel:

  9. Greeting Cards:  Send electronic greeting cards

  11. Low Cost Dining Tips

    1. Eat at home, then go out for a drink
    2. Split a meal
    3. Hit a  happy hour
    4. Use discount coupons


  13. Low Cost Entertaining

    1. Have a pot luck party
    2. Host an appetizer party
    3. Instigate a chili cook off
    4. Organize a neighborhood progressive dinner


  15. Low/No-Cost Entertainment

    1. Play Frisbee at the park
    2. Take a walk in nature
    3. Play Crazy Eights
    4. Visit a museum on Free Friday
    5. Take a picnic (Perrier, Dove chocolates, salami, cheese, crackers and grapes)
    6. Pop popcorn and watch a movie at home
    7. Dust off your bike and take a ride
    8. Plant some impatiens
    9. Window shop at Sharper Image
    10. Go on a photo safari (take pictures as you walk around your neighborhood or in nature)


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