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Donna Schilder

8 Tips for Creating Structure for Your Strategic Thinking

Tips for Creating Structure for Your Strategic ThinkingThe Executives I work with often struggle with taking the time to do the Strategic Thinking they need to do. I usually suggest that they calendar the time on a regular basis so they make sure it happens.

Having a Strategic Thinking appointment seems to help many Executives ensure they take the time to look at the big picture; look at the competition, look at the market climate, work to create new products and services, anticipate operational or people problems, and be proactive.

Sometimes, even if the time is scheduled, my Executive clients will let other priorities get in the way of keeping their Strategic Thinking appointment with themselves.

The day to day demands of the organization are a powerful pull away from spending time in Strategic Thinking, but I believe that they often don’t keep their Strategic Thinking appointment because they don’t know what to do during that time.

I believe creating a structure for Strategic Thinking time can help Executives fulfill this intention.

Here are 8 Tips for Structuring Your Strategic Thinking appointment:

  1. Start with a question in mind.
  2. Start with an outcome or product in mind: a flowchart, a workflow, a PowerPoint presentation, a bubble diagram, a Venn diagram, a list of pros and cons, a list of strategies, a list of ideas, a landscape of the competition, a list of new ideas, etc.  We could brainstorm what other products could be.
  3. Start with a problem statement.
  4. Do a timed written data dump.  Write for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, then go back and analyze it or organize it.
  5. Work on synthesizing two approaches or ideas.
  6. Draw your ideas.
  7. Put concepts in a list and then organize them into related groups (using Post It Notes).
  8. Look at the situation from a different perspective:
    – From 10,000 feet
    – From the perspective of an ant
    – As Lincoln would
    – As your boss would
    – As your customer would
    – As your competitor would



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