You want someone who will tell it like it is, pull no punches and be realistic about what the future holds. After all if he or she is willing to lie to you, what makes you think they won’t tell tall tales about your performance to their bosses? Next thing you know, you’re doing all the work while he takes credit for the performance behind closed doors.

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Last year, when Mitch Canter, 30, of Franklin, Tenn., decided to look for a new job, he immediately created his own site at

“I’m a web developer/designer, so I engineered my site to look exactly like my paper résumé,” he says. “I figured that having a site with my name as the URL would make it super easy for people to find me and reach out.”

Just four months later, when a friend passed along his name to the company, the person who is now his boss googled “Mitch Canter,” and one of the first things that popped up was Canter’s site.

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Your LinkedIn Profile Picture is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see when they look at your LinkedIn Profile. In literally an instant, they will make a judgment about you. If you make any of the mistakes below, that judgment will be: “this is not a person I want to hire”

 1.       Don’t Dare to Be Un-Dead:

These days we’re bombarded with zombie and vampire movies, and I know it’s hip to be as pale as Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, but don’t look like the “undead” in your LinkedIn Profile picture!  You could literally scare recruiters away!

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As a Career Coach, I recommend to you that as you enter the workforce, you make an effort to stay current on business trends within your industry and, if you want to be a manager, director, or CEO one day, make a habit of reading what the business thought leaders are saying.

Being well informed of the events, issues, and climate changes in your industry will help you create more success in your career.

LinkedIn Today is a special feature of LinkedIn that gives you a personalized news source.  This feature selects stories that your industry peers and your connections are reading and writing (curated content), so that you can focus on what matters most to your industry.

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One issue that our career experts talked about across the board was how many college students had the wrong type of profile photo. Donna Schilder, a leadership, career and business coach, points out that LinkedIn isn’t Instagram. “I’ve seen people put vacation pictures, funny pictures and even pictures of themselves in a bikini on LinkedIn,” she says. “You will not get hired if you do this!”

Schilder has several pieces of advice for having a classy and appropriate photo. “Your picture should be a professional portrait, taken by a professional photographer,” she says. “The picture should focus on your face and it should not have a distracting background. No furniture, curtains or trees coming out of your head!” Schilder also recommends having a neutral background or one that contrasts with your hair color (for example, a blue background for blondes).

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Life coaching is unique from other forms of therapy because it focuses not on disabilities, but rather on positive aspects of the person’s life that can be used to overcome the negative, says Dearborn. Plus, life coaches offer their clients the tools and techniques they need to succeed immediately while assisting in lifelong change, says life coach Kim Somers Egelsee, of Huntington Beach, author of Getting Your Life to a Ten.

“[Life coaching] focuses on now and the future, not the past. It focuses on improving yourself, not healing. And, it focuses on determining what you want in life and creating and implementing a plan on how to get what you want in life,” says Master Certified Coach (MCC) Donna Schilder, of Long Beach, creator of the LinkedIn Video E-Course “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn.”

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Donna Schilder, a professional career coach, argued that there are certain circumstances when tweeting one’s firing makes sense “As a career coach,” she said, “I would advise a client who believes that their industry and all possible future employers will find out about their firing through the media or otherwise, and believes the firing was unjust, to tweet about the firing and give their response to the firing via Twitter or other social media.” In such scenarios, Schilder said, a tweet explaining the circumstances of a firing may even improve the person’s chance of getting hired somewhere else.

Schilder added a qualifier though. “For most people,” she said, “employers in their industry will not find out that they have been fired. In this case, I would not recommend they tweet about being fired which would publicize information that might adversely affect their future employment.”

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About seven years ago, Donna Schilder was at a local Chamber of Commerce event where the speaker didn’t show up.

In a pinch, the chamber organized the audience into something the Long Beach life and business coach had never done before – a speed networking session.

Under the gun, Schilder and other business people pitched their products or services, then moved to the next person when time ran out.

“That was one of the best networking events I ever went to,” Schilder said. “I still utilize the services of people I met there and get referrals from people that I met there, and that made my business swell very quickly.”

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I am excited to be writing my first Guest Blog for the Purdue CCO. I am a Career Coach and LinkedIn Expert with 6-Week Video E-course that I have created to help people use LinkedIn to find a Job.
In this blog post, I am going to talk about how to write an effective LinkedIn Headline. If you follow the tips in this blog, you will be found on LinkedIn by more Hiring Managers and Recruiters, which will generate opportunities for more interviews, which will in turn give you a better chance to receive a job offer.

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Right Places

Put the Right Keywords in the Right Places

LinkedIn is like, you put the right keywords in your profile and the right person finds you. LinkedIn has one more requirement though: you need to put the right keywords in the right places in your Profile to attract potential clients.

So what are the right places?

The areas/sections of your LinkedIn Profile that are thought to have most impact on LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm are your:

Job Titles
Specialties Section
Skills Section

NOTE: The Skills section is new and is still in beta testing, so it may change a bit over the next year.

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