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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

(562) 434-7822 -

Donna Schilder

What Makes for a Good Boss?

You want someone who will tell it like it is, pull no punches and be realistic about what the future holds. After all if he or she is willing to lie to you, what makes you think they won’t tell tall tales about your performance to their bosses? Next thing you know, you’re doing all the work while he takes credit for the performance behind closed doors.

About Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Donna Schilder is an Executive Coach who provides a place for her clients to stand back, assess situations, reconnect to their goals, and choose the best approach to achieve business and personal success. Donna also owns Glacier PointSolutions, Inc. which provides Executive Coaching & Training to High Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Nonprofit leaders. Contact Donna at 562 434 7822 or