I’ve had other executive coaches and it was always a strange conversation because I don’t think they understood me as well as Sherri does. I dreaded those calls. With Sherri, it’s like talking to an old friend who understands the business side of things AND the ADHD side. – Kevin Reed, SVP, Information Systems

I worked with Katie from Donna Schilder Coaching / Glacier Point Solutions for over a year and would recommend them to anyone looking for a leadership coach. Katie is very good at making me think in the ways that I don’t want to think but need to. She is very receptive with all things I would like to speak about, and when I am not sure she always gives me ideas on what we can talk about. We’ve worked on:

– Clarifying my goals and focusing on the ones that would move me forward
– Team motivation strategies
– How to let go of high expectations during challenging times
– Communication strategies
– How to manage overwhelm
– How to put a routine that works for me in place

Thank you for helping me work through some issues I’ve been having and giving me tools that I can utilize between sessions! I have also worked with Chris and she was also just incredibly supportive and knowledgeable! – Brandy Trantham, Director of Scheduling and Client Relations, JWilliams Staffing

My experience with Glacier Point Solutions and Vicki Rich has been nothing short of transformative. Through her guidance, I’ve grown significantly as a leader and a professional. Each coaching session helped me identify and address obstacles and challenges in my professional journey and then develop personalized action plans tailored to my strengths and weaknesses, enabling me to make consistent improvements.

This personalized approach ensured that the advice and the guidance I received was both relevant and effective. The emphasis on positivity and empathy in Vicki’s coaching has not only improved my own skills but also deepened my understanding and respect for my colleagues.

The insights I gained are invaluable and will continue to shape my professional career well into the future. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to understand more about themselves, enhance their leadership abilities, overcome obstacles in their path, and grow as a professional. Thank you, Glacier Point Solutions & Vicki, for your exceptional support and guidance. – Kayleigh Wood, Sr. Marketing Manager

Chris Sier, my Donna Schilder Coach, was intuitive and saw beyond the information I provided her to help me uncover aspects of my shadow self from previous traumas I really wanted to shine a light on to address patterns that no longer served me as a leader. She was instrumental in helping me find my oxygen mask and in getting a self-care routine in place so I could continuously renew the positive energy I needed, so I could invest more in others without depleting myself in the process. She was excellent at helping me rewrite my internal script and providing a loving supportive voice to my growth and development. – Heather Richardson, VP Enterprise Data

I will forever be grateful for Donna’s help with preparing me for an interview for my dream job. She shared excellent resources that honed my skills. She coached me and she even did a practice interview. It was interesting how much of this preparation was part of the actual interview. I had pages for possible questions ready so I could answer well. I was so well prepared and relaxed due to Donna’s coaching that I got the job. I would recommend Donna Schilder Coaching to anyone looking for support with their job search or preparing for an interview. – Lydia Newsom

Over the past decade, the coaches at Donna Schilder Coaching have worked with myself and several of my direct reports, and their coaching has been instrumental in the growth and development of the leadership team. My leadership coach helped me delegate more, hold my direct reports accountable, think more strategically, and step into a higher level position within our company. I still miss our talks and think of our conversations often! After so many years working together, I regularly get calls from the company owner/founder singing the praises of Donna Schilder Coaching and how much of an impact they continue to have on the leadership team. – Jessica Littrell, Corporate Broker

I have worked with Katie from Glacier Point Solutions / Donna Schilder Coaching for the past two years and highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, professional partner/resource and friend. My past two years included focusing on managing stress productively so that I had better and realistic balance between my personal and professional life. Katie was also an excellent sounding board in hearing my ideas regarding developing, encouraging and engaging my team of Leaders. I am very appreciative of Katie’s strengths as an Executive and Career Coach! – Christine Bass, SVP, Banking