Recommended Career & Job Search Reading


Career Exploration



Do What You Are: gives lists of occupations that match the Keisey (Myers-Briggs) personality types.  I use this book with my clients who are looking for meaningful work.


Crossing the Unknown Sea:  Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity is written by poet David Whyte, and explores how our work shapes our identity.  Paul Hawken says of this book, “For anyone who wants to deepen their connection to their life’s work — or find out what their life’s work is — this book can help navigate the way.”


The Third Age:  Discover the six principles of growth and renewal after 40.  Transform the way you live today and the way you view your future.  Embrace a new model for living the second half of your life.


The Art of Possibility:  My clients and friends who have read this book have transformed the way they look at life. They see the limitless possibilities, they are inspired to be more, and they learn to harness their passion for more success.


Job Search



Get the Interview Every Time.  Interviewing for a job often creates fear for my coaching clients.  I believe that being prepared can dispel most of this fear.  This book provides great guidelines for preparing for interviewing success.


Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Questions:  I recommend that my coaching clients practice answering interview questions before going on interviews.  The client can work alone, answering the questions aloud or work with a partner who asks them the questions and then gives them feedback.  This book provides great practice questions.  The answers provided can help you improve your own answers.


101 Best Resumes:  Included in this book are some great examples of resumes to help you create a winning resume yourself.


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