“Katie is a gifted and masterful coach. I was fortunate to find her during a period of difficult decision making in my life.

She has been a true God-send providing support and bringing clarity to my thinking. Katie’s gift is creating a safe environment for me to discover my own path and then supporting that decision. She is funny and friendly and smart and that makes every call fun. Thank you Katie!”

“Donna is a ray of sunshine. I heard her on the radio and immediately she invited a connection. That connection has never wavered. It has been years, and still working with Donna has me learning something new about myself and what I can do. She provides guidance, direction, empowerment, and friendship. She is what mentorship should be about: Someone to go to when you have questions or concerns, and someone you can listen to whose skill just makes you want to be a better coach.”

“Our conversation this morning was so helpful!!! I had a fantastic, productive upbeat day!! I was truly in a great frame of mind, nothing wanting or pulling my attention. I was frustrated and you helped put everything in perspective with the perfect amount of truth, understanding and genuine care. You’re the best and honestly quite brilliant.”

“I feel that I have grown immeasurably during these past years of coaching  —  I have stretched and I have moved into directions, developing new confidence and self assurance — because of your listening ear and insights.

I have deeply appreciated knowing you, appreciating and anticipating each Wednesday morning session.  Without these times, I would have stumbled many times.  I say ‘thank you,’  even though these two little words sound so very small and insignificant.  They  hardly express the depth of my thankfulness and gratitude for the leadership you have gifted me.”

“First of all, your TV appearance was excellent!! You were calm, inviting, kind, interesting, informational, natural, conversational – pretty much everything I would like to convey – I give you 5 stars!!”

“Donna, I loved your TV show! You were so relaxed and natural..a true professional. Your conversation with the host was as casual as any conversation that I have ever had with you, only you did it on camera. Wow! I felt like you were right there in my living room!”

“You have really opened things up for me. I thought I was resourceful, but you surprise me with all the perfect articles, resources, and information you’ve provided to me.”

“Donna is a talented, warm, creative coach who is dedicated to her clients. She helps her clients live lives that are fulfilling and meaningful. She has a true passion for coaching that is evidenced by the wonderful work she and her clients do together. Donna is also a talented speaker and workshop facilitator who engages well with her audience. She is capable of speaking on a variety of different topics. She sparks enthusiastic participation through creative teaching methods.”

“Donna is a charming, organized, efficient, extremely competent individual. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and her communication skills, both written and verbal, are phenomenal.”

“Donna provides great coaching and inspires change. I have enjoyed my time working with her and wish that I could spend more time so much so that I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.”