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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

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Donna Schilder

How My Garden Surprises Me

 Over the years, I’ve had some unusual experiences with my seeds of possibility.
Some of my seeds have popped up a very long time after I’ve planted them. For instance, I sent a resume to a company and didn’t hear back from them for three years!  Then they contacted me to interview for an entirely different job (which I ended up getting).
Another time a woman kept picking up my fliers over a 2-year period, thinking that she wanted to attend a workshop, but never did.  Until one day her best friend handed her a flier and said she was going to attend the event.  They both became Coaching Clients.
One woman received my E-Newsletter for 4 1/2 years and then hired me to coach her son.
Other seeds have popped up in unexpected ways.
A woman from Ireland found my website and became a coaching client when she moved to Long Beach.
Also, I’ve been called to do Speaking Engagements because someone found my Coaching Business Card. And I’ve been engaged as a Coach because someone found a Workshop Flyer.
Once I was at Jury Duty and was talking about my Coaching services and the gentleman next to me overheard the conversation and hired me as his coach.
I am very grateful that my gardening efforts reward me with beautiful flowers, whenever and however they show up!
I hope this encourages to get out there and start sewing more seeds!

About Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Donna Schilder is an Executive Coach who provides a place for her clients to stand back, assess situations, reconnect to their goals, and choose the best approach to achieve business and personal success. Donna also owns Glacier PointSolutions, Inc. which provides Executive Coaching & Training to High Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Nonprofit leaders. Contact Donna at 562 434 7822 or