Over the years, I’ve had some unusual experiences with my seeds of possibility.
Some of my seeds have popped up a very long time after I’ve planted them. For instance, I sent a resume to a company and didn’t hear back from them for three years!  Then they contacted me to interview for an entirely different job (which I ended up getting).
Another time a woman kept picking up my fliers over a 2-year period, thinking that she wanted to attend a workshop, but never did.  Until one day her best friend handed her a flier and said she was going to attend the event.  They both became Coaching Clients.
One woman received my E-Newsletter for 4 1/2 years and then hired me to coach her son.
Other seeds have popped up in unexpected ways.
A woman from Ireland found my website and became a coaching client when she moved to Long Beach.
Also, I’ve been called to do Speaking Engagements because someone found my Coaching Business Card. And I’ve been engaged as a Coach because someone found a Workshop Flyer.
Once I was at Jury Duty and was talking about my Coaching services and the gentleman next to me overheard the conversation and hired me as his coach.
I am very grateful that my gardening efforts reward me with beautiful flowers, whenever and however they show up!
I hope this encourages to get out there and start sewing more seeds!

Do you get discouraged because you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?
It could be a new job, more business, more friends, a romantic partner, or a bigger social network. Whatever it is, being discouraged can get in the way of you doing what you need to do to get what you want. Perseverance and patience are the keys to building a great business and life.
I want to share a metaphor that has helped me avoid becoming discouraged and given me the strength I need to get what I want in life. The metaphor is: Sowing Seeds of Possibility.

When I’m working to get something I want in life I sow as many seeds as possible. I don’t need every seed to grow, just enough to fill my practice, find one job, or find the right people to connect with.
I try not to get mad at the seeds that don’t grow, because I know that some of them will grow.  As long as I plant enough seeds, I will get what I want.  As long as I talk to enough people, send enough messages, and make enough connections I will find what I’m looking for.

Sometimes it seems as if I’ve found just the right flower for me, but then it wilts.  Fortunately, I know that other seeds will soon bloom.
I water the seeds, pull weeds, and fertilize the ground. I know I will be rewarded for my efforts. Not by each individual seed or action, but from the collective work I do in my garden.
I also know I can’t ever stop planting seeds and tending to my garden because the beautiful flowers won’t be there when I need them.
This metaphor prevents me from getting discouraged, because it reminds me to:

  • Be patient
  • Take continuous action
  • Avoid fixating on one opportunity
  • Remember that my cumulative efforts bring me the life and work I want

Don’t ever forget to tend your garden:  keep marketing & selling, meeting people & maintaining valuable connections, and keep your focus on the opportunities that are all around you.