Stop and Smell The Roses


Living in our frenetic “Information Cloud”, twitter-laden, blogospheric world, we often move from task to task, screen to screen, sound bite to sound bite, without ever stopping to smell the roses. We as human beings need to stop from time to time. And we need joyful moments to feed our hearts, souls, and minds.

“The experience of scent enriches, improves, and deepens our lives in multiplicative and multifaceted ways. Our sense of smell allows us to experience an intense emotional life, awakens our memories, is interlaced with our mental health, and triggers our passion. . . The use of scent to enhance our lives goes way back in history: . . . cavemen dragged pine and fir boughs into their caves.” –Rachel Herz, Scent of Desire

Smelling a pleasant scent can create a joyful moment and the small break we need to keep going. Whether you light a vanilla candle, take in the sweet scent of strawberries, stop to smell the ocean breeze or pine needles, or smell your loved ones’ hair, enjoying a pleasant scent takes no time and enriches your life. And you deserve this kind of break, at least once a day.

Scent can help you feel more grounded, present, and alive. It can nourish your spirit and lift you out of a stressful situation. It can shift your thinking from negative to positive thoughts.

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