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Welcome to my Career Exploration ♦Client Page♦.  Here you will find assessments, inventories, resources, and activities that will support you in your Career Exploration process.

Things to Work on with Your Career Coach

Please forward all results of inventories and assessments to your Career Coach via email.

If you are engaged in the Career Exploration process, here is a checklist (the Career Exploration Activty Checklist) that help you ensure you have done all of the Career Exploration Assessments, Inventories, and Activities you want to do during your Career Exploration Process:

A.  Career Exploration Activity Checklist

B. Career Exploration Process Flowchart

Career Exploration Process Flowchart

Career Exploration Assessments & Inventories

1. VIA Survey of Character Strengths

2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter or Myers-Briggs Inventory (MBTI)

3.  Desired Career/Business Characteristics

4.  Learning Style Inventory – Careers Correlated With Your Learning Style (you may have already completed this in the Welcome Document)

Other Career Exploration Resources & Activities:

5.  Pre-Entrepreneurial Quiz

6. Barnes & Noble Career Exploration Activity

7. Ask Your Friends Career Exploration Exercise

8. Career Exploration Questions

9. Holland Code (RIASEC) Test (Areas of Interest:  Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) – Career Test Developed in 1959 by John L. Holland

10. ChatGPT – Using it for Career Coaching

11. Your Ideal Job Exercise

12. “Reinvent Your Career” Podcast Interview with Donna Schilder, MCC, Executive & Career Coach

13. All of Donna Schilder’s Podcasts & Teleclasses

14. 10 Awesome Resources for Exploring New Career Directions — According to Experts

Career Lists & Career Research Resources

15. Career List Websites

16. Career Research Resources – For Job Lists

Career Matrix

Career Matrix Downloadable

Career & Business Evaluation Criteria (1)

Career Matrix Example

Career Matrix – Simple – Downloadable

Career Research

17. Career Research Resources – For In Depth Research

18. Informational Interviewing for Career Research

19. Researching Careers on Job Search Websites

20. Salary Range Websites

21. Career Exploration Recommended Reading

22. Learning About Careers Through Internships

Career Plan

23. Career Roadmap Examples

Career & Business Goal Setting

If you are not exploring new career possibilities or looking for a new job, the Career & Business Goals Development Tool may help you develop Business Goals (this tool is part of my Personal Goal Setting E-Book):

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