Get Clients Now!:  This book has helped me, and many of my clients and colleagues build our solo entrepreneurial businesses.  I found the Universal Marketing Cycle useful in understanding the different stages of sales and marketing and in identifying where I needed to improve.  I also like the 28-Day Marketing Program that helps you focus on what you really need to do to Get Clients Now!


The E Myth Revisited: From this book I learned that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, technical expertise isn’t enough, you have to have business expertise.


The Art of Possibility:  My clients and friends who have read this book have transformed the way they look at life. They see the limitless possibilities, they are inspired to be more, and they learn to harness their passion for more success.




The Two Page Mini Business Plan™ – An Interview with Suzanne

Muusers, ACC, creator of a business plan system designed for busy entrepreneurs. I have used Suzanne’s Business Plan and decided to interview her about the story behind the product.

Q: Suzanne, can you tell us why you developed this unusual mini business plan?

Well Donna, I created this business plan because I had been working with an entrepreneur on his business plan for quite some time.  We were getting nowhere because he just wasn’t motivated to finish the lumbering 30 page document.  He actually told me that he wouldn’t likely review the finished plan much anyway because it was so cumbersome.  So to get him to finish, I eliminated some of the sections that didn’t apply to him, narrowed it down so that it really only included the absolute essential sections for business growth, and “presto” the Two Page Mini Business Plan™ was born.  By the way, this client loves his business plan and uses it weekly because it is concise and contains just what he needs to focus on in his business.

Q: What is included in your business plan system?

The package includes a two-page business plan template with sections for each of the six components of the plan: Vision, Mission, Brand, Meaningful Goals, Strategies, and Marketing Activities.  There is a 20 page instruction book to help you complete the plan; there is a brainstorming tool “Marketing Activities Idea Bank” to help you find marketing tactics you may not have thought of; and lastly there are also two sample plans: one for a marketing consultant and another for a financial advisor practice to show you a completed plan.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the plan?

Hands down it is the Success Book!  The Success Book is a Daily Action Planner designed to be used with the Meaningful Goals section of the Two Page Mini Business Plan™.   The planner helps you to keep your goals “Top of Mind” and focus on the daily tasks necessary to build your business.

Q: I’ve heard that studies show that a business owner with a business plan is more likely to succeed than one without a business plan.  What’s your view?

Donna, one of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not having a business plan.  The reason business owners with a business plan are more successful is that they have a road map to success.  If you’ve decided upon the strategies you’ll employ to grow your business you are much more likely to concentrate your efforts where they count the most rather than utilizing a stop/start approach to marketing and business building.

Q: What is your vision for the Two Page Mini Business Plan™?

My hope is that business owners who are not earning the income they want and deserve will find this tool and use it to build the business of their dreams.  I want business owners to get the direction they need to get to the next level in their business success.  This tool is perfect for the highly motivated entrepreneur who has put off writing a business plan but who wants success and needs a push.